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Making an appointment


Before an appointment can be made, the tattoo design must be discussed in detail.  This includes defining the location the tattoo is to be placed, the size, style, etc....  Please send reference photos and provide examples--anything that will help to convey your idea. Once this info is provided, and I have a good understanding of the work to be done, I can give you a rough estimate of the time it will take to complete your tattoo.  After that, you are free to call or stop by the studio and make an appointment with the receptionist on staff.


North Main Tattoo Studio & Art Gallery

418 North Main Street

Plymouth, Mi 48170



Please note, that a deposit is required to make an appointment and deposits are non-refundable.  So please schedule responsibly and read the specifics below before scheduling.








Below are specific requirements for my tattooing.  Please read through them before scheduling or set up a consultation and we can discuss in person.


Attention: I cannot tattoo you if you are currently taking antibiotics or blood thinners.  If this pertains to you, please let me know before you make an appointment.
Attention:  I do not do cover-ups or repairs of pre-existing tattoos.
Attention:  I do not work on anyone under the age of 18, nor does anyone at North Main Tattoo Studio.

Attention:  North Main Tattoo Studio & Art Gallery is an adult environment, please do not bring children there.  

Regarding  Artwork and Design:

     Reproductions:  A lot of my tattooing is reproduction and technical in
nature.  If this type of tattooing applies to you—Portraits, Animals,
artwork or photograph reproduction, etc…    I will need to get a high-quality
copy of your reference at least a week before your appointment
date.  You can E-mail me your reference as an E-mail attachment, but please
make sure you don’t make the file too small (or I will not be able to
enlarge it with any detail).  Or, you can send me a hard copy of your
reference to the studio (address is at the bottom), or you can
drop it off in person.  If you do give me a hard copy, please make
sure it is a high quality “copy”, and not the original—especially if it is a
one of a kind or a rare photograph (thanks).

     Reproductions with customizations:  If your tattoo is primarily a reproduction tattoo that needs
to only be changed slightly.  Then, follow the above instructions along with
a detailed description of your changes.   I will get these changes loosely
together and then work with you in person (on our appointment date) to make
sure the final draft is designed to the way you want.


Custom Tattooing:  If I am to do a completely custom design for you,

Then let’s discuss it thoroughly.  Please make an appointment for a consultation and we can go over your ideas in person.  If you cannot make it to the studio or would rather chat via email, that is completely fine, but please send me ample amount of reference to explain your ideas and the location of your tattoo.  Everything is helpful.  Please send me pics of tattoos, drawings, paintings of specific styles that interest you.  If at all possible, make a little sketch of how you think you might want it designed.  A simple stick figure sketch with arrows and circles explaining your thoughts is unbelievably helpful.  Anything that points me in the right direction is all I am looking for.


I start putting things together close to your appointment date, and I will contact you if I have any questions.  We will meet at our scheduled appointment to review and begin tattooing.  I do not put any design together before our first appointment and I do not send out any material to review prior to your appointment.  It is at our appointment that we will go over the design together, and make any necessary changes together before we begin tattooing.   Continuous revisions are fine, but you will be charged for the time it takes to do so.   We will begin tattooing at our first appointment.


Cover-ups and Pre-existing tattoo work, and Referrals:

     I do not do cover-up tattoos, work on pre-existing work that has been done by another artist, or work on
minors.  Regarding cover-ups,  I refer everyone to the other artists at North Main Tattoo Studio.

You can contact them through North Main Tattoo Studio’s website.  Click here.   
     Unfortunately, none of the artists at North Main work on anyone under 18 years of age.


     All faces of portraits (for the most part) must be at least
the size of a softball—that is from the bottom of chin to top of the head.   
Most portrait tattoos consist of the head, shoulders, and maybe the bust,
but more of the body can be added provided the head is not too small.

     Portraits are usually done in black and grey, with some
minor highlights of white.  I have found that this approach to portraits
brings the smoothest and most realistic results.  If color is added, it will
tend to stylize the portrait a bit and give it a less natural (more graphic
or cartoonish) look.  
Time tattooing and multiple sessions:

     I usually work around 2 to 5 hours at a time, per tattoo
session.  Portraits and some smaller pieces can be done in one sitting. 
But, there are a lot of projects that have to be broken up into multiple
sessions.  Due to my schedule, please take this into account when we are
discussing an appointment.  If we are working on a multiple session tattoo,
it might be wise to make multiple appointments from the beginning.  Of
course, this is completely up to you.


     I charge $250 an hour with a 2 hour minimum.  Black and grey Portraits usually take about 5 to 6 hours, with a 5 hour minum.


     Appointments are made Tuesday through Friday at 2pm and 5pm.  I am currently in the studio Tuesday through Fiday from 2pm till 8pm.  




     Please know that all deposits--for any reason—are nonrefundable. Please

schedule responsibly.  If you have multiple sessions booked and fail to make one of your appointments without 48 hours notice, all future appointments will be immediately canceled.

     If you pay for your tattoo sessions in advance and do not show up for your appointment, then your prepayment money will go toward the cost of time lost equal to the amount of time you had scheduled.

    If I have not answered all of your questions or if you have any other
questions please get back with me and I will do my best to provide the
information you need.  Thank you very much for your interest, and hope to
see you in the future.  




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